To say that man is product of nature is to state the obvious. The human life form has evolved through the assimilation of natural substances that were available, that includes both organic and inorganic plant and animal sources. Human life forces became intimately connected and dependent upon its cosmic environment, depending on the solar energy and natural products that was accessible as it evolved, impelled by the very forces of life itself. Starting from more easily available sources of food, such as leaves, roots, barks and fruits. They finally made seeds the staple food, especially cereals and beans and later improved the nutritional quality food by incorporating in small quantities special seeds, roots ad barks which were grouped as spices and consumed animal flesh as a source of protein and fat. However, animal flesh organs did not contain a broad range of nutrients, unlike the seeds.

The innumerable number of bioactive substances in seeds confirms the fact that seeds contain the life creating and empowering substances. If the present human life form has developed through the assimilation of natural substances, then nature will harbor the most appropriate substances that can maintain a healthy body or correct the body that has gone into a disordered state of health. Nature must then be a prime target for the healthcare researcher to look for the secrets of healthcare and healing. The documented research work done on thousands of patients with diagnostic and laboratory data at the AK Pharmacy and Naturopathy Center constitutes the fundamental ground breaking research in trying to unravel the health and healing power that are hidden in the contents of the seeds. From this fundamental research, which earned Prof. Dr. Ananthan a Doctorate in Natural Medicine, various efficacious seed based healthcare and medicinal formulae were created.

Focus was on prevention of disease states, but formulae for specific metabolic and other diseases were developed. The indicated uses of each product are based on the ten years of clinical research and experience on more than 12000 patients who were treated at AK Pharmacy and Naturopathy Center. Some of the indications are more than those approved by the Malaysian Drug Control Authority (DCA). This is because of the general policy of limited indications on natural and traditional products and medicine. Nevertheless, the indications are based on actual findings on patients who have been given the various formulae and confirmed by laboratory reports and improvements on symptoms. Some of the major findings of this ground breaking research will be formally presented at the Natural and Alternative Healthcare Clinical Conference that will be held in conjunction with the Global Launch of the products in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.



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