Official Launching Speech by Prof. Dr. Ananthan Krishnan, Founder
on the 26th of August 2004, Genting Highlands


This landmark event , which we are witnessing today, signalizes the inception of a global force spearheading the progressive transformation of human health, a force that will in due time , elevate humanity to greater heights of wellness, thus paving the way for a civilizational leap in human healthcare. Impelled by the forces of life within , GLOBAL HEALTH ACTIVISM NETWORK, propelled by the triple core values of EARNING’ SHARING AND LEARNING, is destined to open a new paradigm in the provision of natural healthcare to humanity.


It is the founder’s belief that the ultimate solution to the problems of human health can only be found when each and every human being is fully empowered with the complete knowledge of human body and the life process from birth to death. Using this knowledge, every human being will be equipped with his “life maintenance manual”, a complete guide to optimize and preserve human health. Knowledge of human health is now not within the reach of the people of the world, only through a powerful global network of trained and dedicated souls can this life guarding knowledge be liberated and be made available to each and every member of the human race. The GHA Network will be the dynamic channel that will bring the power of human health knowledge to a health ignorant world.


While the world has witnessed the progressive development of disease management, with its probing high technology for the diagnosis of the diseases, but the panacea for the preservation of a disease free state is still elusive. We can now fix a ischemic heart, connect minute nerves through microsurgery, but we are far from keeping diseases away even during the early years of our lives. Such a glaring disparity between preservation of health and management of diseases is the paradox and the essence of our problem in human health. Bridging this disparity and optimizing a disease Free State is the greatest challenge to the modern man, especially the leaders of healthcare science and knowledge.


Basing on the premise that the human organism is a complex creation, only a complete knowledge of the human body system and each and every factor that affects its health will empower the individual human to preserve optimum health. Every single human being must be given to full knowledge of health, how the body functions, changes and adapts and how diseases afflicts the human body. This astronomical task of educating humanity with the complete body of knowledge cannot be achieved by developing disease management experts who are specialized in the treatment of diseases and injury. The task calls for the development of an army of health knowledge providers, whose singular task is to systematically provide the complete knowledge the proper maintenance of human health and the prevention of illness. It is thus imperative and timely that a network of GLOBAL HEALTH ACTIVIST be created, trained and developed, motivated and programmed to mobilize, and deliver the vital health knowledge to the peoples of the world. Within a short span of one year we have developed more than one hundred health activist, who have become the instruments and channels to bring the knowledge of human health to humanity. This event today bears ample witness to the inception and expansion of this network, the work that has been done in the last one year, its one year of significant achievement despite its infancy.


The knowledge of human health and disease must not be confined to a small group of people with the medical fraternity. Since each human life is endowed with a body and life, it is the birthright of each human being to secure the vital knowledge of life itself. This knowledge must be liberated and mobilized and made available for a very affordable cost. Each individual must acquire this knowledge not only to practice the art and science of human health but also to take care of his or her own body. In order to accomplish this GLOBAL HEALTH ACTIVISM Network has set up the necessary training programmes and structured courses for people of all walks of life, irrespective of age. Independent study programmes , flexible learning methods are available to all people who are keen on acquiring the complete knowledge on human health. These courses has been made possible through the collaboration with the upcoming nascent institutions of Alternative Health of the world , such as AMRI and WRU . We represent both these Institutions through the instrument of commission since May 2004. Within a short span of time we have more than 30 students doing various courses and this is a very positive indicator for the future growth and development of the members of the GHA. We encourage each and every human being to take up the courses so that the knowledge acquired can be used to guard the quality of human health.


The GHA Network has the distinct feature of having a built in system to allow for the generation of revenue for its members. As promoters and sellers of natural SBCV products developed by AK Naturopathy Center, the financial needs for conducting community healthcare programmes can be secured through the SBCV product business. This will ease the burden of finding funds to finance the community healthcare programmes.


The growing awareness and demand for health knowledge among the lay people of the world will be the forces of propulsion of the GHA Network. This thirst for greater knowledge will create the demand for GHA service, with its “earn, serve and learn “concept, the spirit of GHA will capture the imagination of the teeming millions who want to satisfy the triple needs of the body, soul and the intellect. The leadership of the GHA will be empowered to develop and expand the GHA cause until its gives the greatest benefit to mankind. I urge each and every GHA to promote the ideals and programmes of this great human enterprise, bringing greater wellness and happiness to all the peoples of the world.

Thank You.

Prof. Dr. Ananthan Krishnan
















































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