Global Health Activism Network Constitution

Article IV

Section 1.
Voting members of the Network shall be those persons who belong to one of the three classes described in Section 2 of this article and who are current in their dues. The Council may create additional membership categories at its discretion.

Section 2.
The classes of voting members of the Network shall consist of the following:
(a) Founding Member.
Founding Member shall be the founder of this Network, in the judgment of the Board, subscribes to the mission of the GHAN at all times.

(b) Global Health Activists(GHA’s).
The Global Health Activist shall be trained and qualified member of the Network, subscribes to the mission of the GHAN at all times.

(c) Individual Members.
Individual Members shall be any advisors, officers, or any members of other organizations and appointed by the Council of Leaders as voting members(if any), who subscribes to the mission of the Network at all times.

Section 3.
Voting members in good standing shall have the right to vote for Leaders of the Council as specified in these by-laws.

Section 4.
The Council is authorized to establish such classes of non-voting GHA’s as it may deem desirable and to establish any further terms and conditions for all classes of GHA’s consistent with these by-laws. The Council also reserves the right to expel from membership, without cause, any GHA of any class.

Section 5.
The annual membership meeting of the GHAN shall be held at such place and at such time as the Council of Leaders may select. Any business or affairs of the Network may come before the meeting to be considered or acted upon.

Section 6.
Special meetings of the GHA’s may be held upon ten days written call by ten percent (10%) of the GHA members or by the Chair of the Council. Any special meeting shall be held at the date, time and place specified in the written call.

Section 7.
Every GHA is entitled to vote at a meeting of GHA’s or to express consent or dissent without a meeting may authorize another person or persons to act for him by proxy, but no person other than a GHA may be so authorized. Every GHA may authorize another person or persons to act for him as proxy in the manner provided by law. No proxy shall be valid after three years from the date of its execution unless otherwise provided by the proxy. Every proxy shall be revocable at the pleasure of the GHA executing it, except as otherwise provided by law.

Section 8.
A quorum for a membership meeting, whether general or special, shall be 10% of the total number of members whose dues are fully paid as of the end of the month preceding the date of the notice of such meeting.


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