Global Health Activism Network Constitution

Article VIII

Section 1.
The Council shall establish an Executive Committee of five persons to act as its representative and take such action as is necessary on its behalf during intervals between Council meetings. The CEO shall serve, ex-officio, as a voting member of the Executive Committee. The remaining members of the Executive Committee shall be elected from the Council. The Executive Committee may hold regularly scheduled meetings and special meetings at the call of the Chair.

Section 2.
The Council shall appoint a Nominating Committee, which shall present a slate of candidates consisting of at least one candidate for each position to be filled on the Council.

Section 3.
The Council shall appoint a Finance Committee. The Treasurer will chair the Finance Committee, which will ensure sound financial administration of the Corporation in keeping with these by-laws.

Section 4.
If so requested by three or more members of the Council, the Chair shall appoint a committee to investigate any transaction felt by those requesting the committee's establishment, to represent a possible conflict of interest between a Council member or members and the Network. The committee shall be composed of not less than three persons nor shall it include any party to the transaction concerned. The committee shall report its findings to the Council for such action as the Council might consider appropriate.


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